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Services & Cost

My services include :

  • Classical genealogical research
  • Locating living relatives
  • Locating known or unknown heirs
  • Property research
  • Digital photography
  • Certificates for private or Legal purpose
  • Other related services on request

Every case is unique. Very often it starts with data, provided by the client, which are either not entirely correct, incomplete or sometimes even so poor, that even the location is not known.

Secondly, the wishes of the client vary very much, from the simplest look-up to the most complex research of one or more families involved, which can extend over a longer period of time.

Furthermore, the quality and availability of the records also vary from place to place.There are also considerable differences in sizes or better say amount of data that is there for a particular place. One parish can be small and a search rather quick, while another parish may have a tenfold size with as much more data to search, which , of course, takes more time.

 For all these reasons it is not possible to give a general answer about the cost of a genealogical research..

Please, feel welcome to request an assessment and cost estimate for your particular case, before you make any decision.

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