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Mission Statement

Jewish community in former Slovak State suffered most of all ethnic groups. At the end of the Second World War, it was practically extinguished. Despite this fact, some survived, escaping the terror and their descendants now present a small group of people, scattered all over the world, trying to learn more about their Ancestors.

Jewish Genealogical research on the Territory of Slovakia is quite different from other, standard researches. As a rule, Jewish Records for the time before 1851 are widely not available. Many Records have been lost or destroyed. Many are in very bad shape. So are many Jewish cemeteries. Although, based on available Records, we can research only 3 to 4 generations, the results can be still surprising. Jewish population migrated much more than others. This does not make the research easier, but makes it even more fascinating. Unknown connections among Jewish families and thus new, close and distant relatives can be found.

Latest genealogical successes in this respect encouraged me to continue and deepen Jewish Genealogical Research on the territory of present Slovakia, which I am conducting since 1998.

In my work, the highest standards of honesty, personal conduct, professional ethics and responsibility are being applied and observed.

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